Welcome to Portsur’s Ethics Mailbox, which has been created so that any internal or external person can denounce or report, confidentially or anonymously, any irregular fact or behaviour involving an employee, supplier or collaborator, directly or indirectly, that constitutes or could constitute a fraud in the area of compliance.
In this regard, Portsur expressly guarantees the confidentiality of all those who use this channel. All reports received will be analysed and evaluated by the Compliance Department in accordance with the procedure approved for this purpose.

The correct use of the Ethics Mailbox, as well as the content of the complaints made, is the sole responsibility of the USER.

The USER undertakes to use this channel in accordance with the conditions set out in the Ethics Mailbox Terms of Use.

Terms of use of the Ethics Mailbox:

The Ethics Mailbox shall be used when any interested party knows or has reasonable suspicion of behaviour, actions or facts committed by any person who is part of the management, staff, group of suppliers of Portsur, employees, suppliers or collaborators, which may constitute fraud within the scope of the Compliance Management System.

The Ethics Mailbox, available on Portsur’s website, must be used and reports that do not use this form as a communication channel will not be accepted and may be rejected and destroyed without any communication to the user.

Any and all complaints that are known to be false will not be managed by Portsur and Portsur reserves the right to promote the necessary measures to carry out the disciplinary actions foreseen in the legal system.

By accepting these terms of use, I declare that the personal data provided, where applicable, are true and accurate and I give my consent for them to be processed by Portsur for the necessary management actions.

On the other hand, the user of the channel has the right to use a secure channel that guarantees the anonymity and confidentiality of the communication, as the case may be, without revealing the identity of the user at any time.

In the event that the person using the Ethics Mailbox is a Portsur employee, he or she has the right to effective protection of their employment integrity, without reprisals or discrimination, among other things, on the basis of the complaint.
Lastly, the person using the Ethics Mailbox has the right to be informed of the outcome of the investigation and the measures taken.

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